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See for yourself all of the smiles we have made!

Browse the gallery below for some of the smile transformations we have made. A winning smile goes a long way and adds to the quality of life. Take a look and if you like what you see give us a call.


Four Anterior Crowns

Restoring Front Four Teeth With Crowns

Implant & Crown For Front Tooth

Full Mouth Reconstruction

(Procedures involving Extractions, Implants, Root Canals and Crowns)

Phases of Full Mouth Reconstruction



Temporary Phase

Color  Matching Single Crowns

Closing Spacing Between Front

Realigning Smile After Traumatic



Anterior Bonding

Anterior Composites

Gum Recontouring

Icon Infiltration (Tooth on Lower Left)

Gum Recontouring And Icon Infiltration

Gum Recontouring

Icon Infiltration

Gum Recontouring, Icon Infiltration,
Teeth Reshaping

In-House Whitening


Full Upper Denture

Partial Upper Denture

Implant Retained Bridge

Pre - Surgery

Implant Retained Bridge

Post Implant Surgery

Implant Supported Denture


Implant Supported Denture

Post Surgery


Videos of Clinical Procedures

Implant Placement Surgery

Video of placing implants

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Video of a Frenectomy 


Extraction of Partially Impacted

Wisdom Tooth

Partially Impacted Wisdom Tooth