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Extraction of Impacted Wisdom Teeth:


Although we do not sedate patients in the office, we do offer nitrous and a sedative to help alleviate any type
of dental anxiety. We are experienced with all different types of surgical extractions of wisdom teeth.


Tooth Extractions:


As a dental clinician, we try save every possible tooth. Unfortunately, there are times in which teeth can not be saved and a dental extraction may be our only option. We use a conservative approach with all tooth extractions maintaining bone level and minimal trauma. Extractions may be necessary for a variety of reasons including severe tooth decay, fractured tooth, gum disease or even making room for teeth to shift during orthodontic treatment. Whatever the reason or cause of needing a tooth extraction we assure you a quick and
painless surgical procedure.

Bone Grafting:


Bone loss following the loss of a tooth is inevitable. Without a tooth in place to stimulate your bone growth, bone starts to resorb and may affect adjacent teeth. The rapid loss of bone following a tooth extraction is an essential reason to have a treatment plan in place in regards to restoring the missing tooth.

Sometimes after an extraction and prior to implant placement bone grafting is essential following a surgical extraction to replace the missing bone and to allow for a stronger foundation prior to dental implant placement. We recommend bone grafting after any surgical extractions to allow for the future placement of
dental implants.

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